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Everything you need to know in order to plan a trip to Tel-Aviv

Everything you need to know in order to plan a trip to Tel Aviv

First, let’s be honest. You can’t cover all of Tel Aviv in a few days or years.
Tel Aviv is the kind of a city you can chill all day long or go on sightseeing tours and you will never have enough so don’t try, instead plan your days day by day.

Let’s explore things to do in Tel Aviv for free:

1. Go to the Beach (go west), Tel Aviv has some great beaches. Right by the beach, there is a beautiful boardwalk full of cafes, restaurants and free outside gyms complimented by the fact that Israel has some of the best-looking people in the world.

2. Walk the streets of Tel Aviv is an experience on its own, the little cafes and restaurants that gave birth to some of Israel’s best ideas. Israelis are known for their Startups, exits and their love for sitting in cafes thinking about them, who knows you might be sitting next to the next big idea…

Start with the main ones and my suggestion is start with where it all began Rotchild Boulevard. The city of Tel Aviv started from 3 little Jewish neighborhoods that later evolved into the first Hebrew City.

A great place to start is in front of the independence hall at Rothchild 16 where the state of Israel was declared more than 70 years ago

The path of independence was established recently and it takes you through some of the historical sites with a complimentary app that will enrich your knowledge about the places.

3. The Old city of Jaffa – this historical area is full of architecture, Churches, authentic old alleys art galleries and more. The story says that after the 1948 events David Ben Gurion the first PM gave the order to restore the old city and bring artist to come and live in it so it can thrive as a tourist attraction, the problem was that the artists that got this great places by the beach couldn’t care less about tourism and focused on their art. Today it seems like the vision of Ben Gurion came to fruition and the area is thriving with art galleries and great restaurants you can travel through free of charge.

4. Walk the markets – Fridays are the best but any day is a culinary experience walking the markets of Jaffa & Tel Aviv, so look for the flee market in Jaffa or the Carmel in Tel Aviv. If you wanna take it a step further and go where the locals do, go to the Sarona food market or Levinsky market.

5. Party at night – even though Tel Aviv is a 24/7 city and you can find a party all the time the night is definitely the best time to party. I suggest you pick some local friends to tell you about locals parties. If you want a guarantee you better head to the port. the new port is a great place to hang out full of shops restaurants and bars that everyone can find a place to have a cool drink

if you wanna add some action to your sightseeing tour here are a few things that you can do in Tel Aviv that will cost you a bit but will save you a lot

Rent a green bike – Have a daily green bike pass. It’s cheap, functional and gets you to just about anywhere in 30 minutes or less which means you don’t need to pay any extra above the daily renting fee.

Rent a surfboard or a paddle board – Tel Aviv has a beautiful beach and you wanna enjoy some of it. There are a few surfing clubs along the sure, make sure you surf where it is allowed! Make sure to ask locals in regards to the reef situation so you don’t get injured
Take a tour – yea I know you are on vacation and you can google everything but to have a good tour guide is better than any movie so consider some of the many Tel Aviv sightseeing tours.

Take a tour outside of Tel Aviv – Israel is a small country so in 2.5 hours you are everywhere (besides Eilat and there it’s best to take a flight that takes less than one hour) so consider taking day tours from Tel Aviv to see the north part of Israel where you will find places like the sea of Galilee where Jesus walked on water, Nazareth where the Annunciation was given, go wine tasting in the Golan Heights and so much more.

If you leave in the morning you will be able to be back for a sunset drink easily 🙂

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By Erez Landau

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