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Day Tours

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Day Tours

“A person should be willing to give up all his tomorrows for one today, so that he doesn’t end up wasting all his todays on one tomorrow.” –The Alter of Novardik

It takes but  a day for Israel to make an unforgettable impression. Erez Israel offers a variety of meaningful day tours designed to take you deep into the soul of Israel’s most enigmatic cities. Our day tours are a wonderful way for individual travelers, couples, and families to get swept up in the richness of the Holy Land and experience its enchanting people, stories, spiritual life, and cuisine. 

סיורים מודרכים בתל אביב

Tel Aviv - Transformation in the Transforming City

סיורים מודרכים בתל אביב
You can never walk down the same street in Tel Aviv twice. The city is in constant motion and constant change – a microcosm for the unstoppable pace of transformation in Israel and the world at large. Rich in history, culture, and grit, Tel Aviv is the perfect backdrop to introduce visitors to the remarkable political, spiritual, and historical realities of Modern Israel. More importantly, Tel Aviv offers an incomparable window into the country’s meaning in this world.  
We begin our tour by drinking strong coffee and shots of anise-flavored alcohol called Arak and by munching on hummus and stuffed grape leaves in the lively Levinski Market, where the worlds of old and new Tel Aviv collide. From there, we continue to Independence Hall, where the State of Israel was first declared. Nearby, we’ll walk down the narrow, winding pathways of Neve Tsedek and the American Colony – Tel Aviv’s inaugural neighbourhoods whose establishment are steeped in romance and modern folklore. 
We’ll then make our way to Old Jaffa via its famous flea market – a centuries-old second-hand bazar just outside the picturesque Old City, whose spiritual draw has even been noted in the Bible. There, we’ll taste Malabi, a rose-water infused custard dessert, before walking through the Ottoman-built alleyways of Old Jaffa and bringing our tour of Tel Aviv’s radical transformation from sand dunes to a cultural and commercial epicenter to a close. From our vantage point, we’ll look out across the sprawling boardwalk and the city’s skyscrapers and reflect on what it means to transform through time, to create new meanings, and to choose new destinies.
סיורים מודרכים בירושלים

Jerusalem - Exploring Holiness

Experience the legacy of spirituality through history and today

סיורים מודרכים בירושלים
Jerusalem has attracted the world’s attention for thousands of years. It’s importance as a home for the world’s three largest monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – makes it as much a wellspring of spirituality as it is a wellspring of dispute. Our tour of Jerusalem will offer you the opportunity to glimpse the meaning of spirituality from three distinct historic and theological viewpoints, and how we experience these varying approaches today. Above all, you’ll get a chance to interact with Jerusalem’s unique energy, which is unlike any other place in the world. 
We’ll begin our tour with a panoramic view of the Old City atop the storied Mount of Olives, where we’ll begin delving in to Jerusalem’s complex and beautiful legacies. From there, we’ll continue on to the Jewish Quarter and visit the Western Wall, the Jewish world’s holiest site. There, each traveler can participate in the tradition of leaving a prayer on a note at the wall, where all wishes are thought to rise to Heaven.
After, we’ll retrace the steps of the Passion of Christ along the Via Dolorosa in the Muslim Quarter. We’ll spend time observing the rituals of the priests at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where Christ was buried.
Beyond the old city walls, we’ll stop by the lively and fragrant Machane Yehuda Shuk, or market. We recommend allowing us to arrange you a tasting tour* at the shuk, where you’ll experience the finest flavors and ingredients Jerusalem can offer. 
Tour Duration: 8-10 hours
Recommended Additional Attractions:
  • “A Look at the Past” Exhibition – this 3-D experience will take you back into Herrod’s Temple, bringing it to life as it was 2,000 years ago.
  • The Aish HaTorah Seminary – overlooking the Western Wall, this center for religious learning has a unique place in the spiritual past and present of Jerusalem. On this mini-tour, we’ll meet the seminary’s head rabbi and learn about the essence of prayer according to the Jewish people – excellent preparation for a visit to the Western Wall. 
  • The Western Wall Tunnels – this archeological excavation site, located under the Muslim Quarter, brings you face to face with the Jerusalem of 70 CE. You can literally experience the many layers of Jerusalem at this fascinating site.  
  • City of David – Just beyond the Old City walls, this magnificent archeological site is the only one in Jerusalem where you can get up close and personal with ruins from the First Temple. This unique site also offers the opportunity to travel through underground tunnels to the Temple Mount complex.

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